Sunday, December 28, 2008

Day 5: North Shore and Turtle Beach

On Sunday, Ashley and Scott were scheduled to leave.  Will and I went for a quick, short run in the morning, which was abbreviated by 1. our concern that we might miss Ash and Scottie's departures, and 2. the impending rain, and 3. our sore, sore legs following the previous day's really long run.

Back in plenty of time, we said goodbye to my sister and headed out to meet my friend Linda at Bubbies, the local ice cream store that I worked at as a high schooler.

Will and I shared a huge slice of ice cream cake with chocolate, coffee, and Oreo ice cream, topped with fudge, sitting on an oreo cookie crust:

Really delicious.  Then off to the North Shore, where Linda recommended that we go to Turtle Beach.  Here's me with a picture with Brutus, the Hawaiian Sea Turtle:

Unfortunately I'm blinking.  Will and I took a dip in Brutus' bay, listened to the local volunteer tell us about the Hawaiian Sea Turtles' lifespans and habits (Brutus here is not dead, as I initially feared, but is sunning himself on the beach -- the warmth helps him digest his food, and the UV rays kill the algae growing on his back).  Brutus is more than 25 years old, and lives at Turtle Beach with 13 other fully mature adults, and over 100 juvenile turtles.  Amazing.

From Turtle Beach we went to Haleiwa Town in search of some food:

And found Kua Aina Burger, who served us 1/3 lb hamburgers with a half of an avocado sitting on top.  Delicious!

Finally, we went to the beach and took a couple of very romantic pictures:

And we headed for home.  But our day was not done yet.  As we were leaving, we noticed that there was a screw stuck in one of our tires.  The one mechanic's shop in Haleiwa was closed, so my wonderful enterprising boyfriend set out to change our tire.  A good Samaritan also stopped by to help us, and in a surprisingly small amount of time, we were off!  Here's a successful Will celebrating his victory: