Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tasting at the Lodge at Koele

Wednesday was a mad trip to Lanai to try to do all our wedding planning in one day. Although we failed to plan the entire wedding, we got pretty close, doing all of the food, location setup, and scheduling.

Here's us trying the food at the Lodge at Koele:

I was worried because the food at the tasting seemed ... ordinary. This was partially the problem because we had originally thought that a buffet was our best option - more economic and much better food and selection. However, after talking to Akiko, our wedding planner, we found that we could afford to do the plated option (which both Will and I thought would make the evening go smoother) -- with the foods of our choice! Yay!

We decided to go with the Portuguese bean soup (Island fave) with the Waimea Greens salad and some delicious selections for entrees.