Monday, May 10, 2010

Grammy's Veggie Sushi Dinner

This weekend we had a great time making dinner from Grammy's recipes.  Since one of the friends we had over was vegetarian, we made some of Grammy's veggie sushi.

Menu for the night included:
  • Miso soup
  • Salad with orange and almonds 
  • Cold soba noodles
  • Tofu with fresh ginger, green onion 
  • Make-your-own sushi 
Will made the miso soup.  It had enoki mushrooms and shiitake mushrooms in it.  We learned that it does not take much miso to make miso soup - 4 cups water to 3 T miso.

The salad featured Grammy's salad dressing, which requires sesame oil, rice vinegar, sugar, shoyu (soy sauce).  I'll post the recipe when I'm at home and can look it up.

Soba noodles were simple - just the noodles, cooled, with a splash of store-bought soba  noodle sauce and nori sprinkles.  Tofu was likewise simple - just quartered blocks of cold, soft tofu with fresh green onion and grated ginger.

Here's the recipe for Grammy's make-your-own sushi:
  • Measure 2.5 cups of white rice (cups in this case meaning the cup that comes with the rice cooker) and 0.5 cups mochi rice.  Fill the rice cooker pot with water up to the mark for 3 cups.  Cook the rice.  Let it cool.
  • Cut carrots in half width-wise, then into sticks.  Mix 1/3 c rice vinegar with 5T sugar, 1t salt.  Double recipe if necessary to cover the carrot sticks.  Pour mixture over carrots; soak for 1/2 hr - 1 hr.  Put in presentation platter.
  • Rinse shitake mushrooms.  Mix chicken stock (we used veggie in case our guests were strict vegetarians), a little soy sauce, a little sugar to taste.  Boil mixture and add mushrooms WHOLE; boil for 10-15 min until cooked.  Turn off stove and let sit for an additional 15 min.  Then take out, cool, remove stems, slice.
  • Mix egg in separate bowl.  Pour into pan.  Cook.  Turn over.  Cook.  Slice into slivers.
  • Heat 2 cans of tuna in frying pan with shoyu (soy sauce) and sugar, to taste.
  • Plate sushi ingredients together for guests to select - carrots, shitake, sprouts, watercress, cucumber, bamboo shoots (store-bought), bottled red ginger (store-bought), tuna, egg.
  • Mix 1/3 c rice vinegar, 5T sugar, 1t salt.  Put sushi rice in the big non-metal bowl.  Pour mixture over rice and mix.
Nice dinner but we forgot the dessert!  Ah well.  Next time.  We had a great time with our friends.  For me the highlight along with getting to know them better was learning more about the advantages of an evening and weekend MBA.  Very cool!