Saturday, June 19, 2010

Camping in Yosemite

Really cool weekend camping in Yosemite with Ed, Adelyn, Bill, and Jenny.  I never knew what a romantic place it was!  We stayed at North Pines, lot 505.  Here's a picture of our camp:

Note the awesome firepit on the left, and the bear box (!) on the right.  We were extremely fastidious about not having any food outside of the bear box, but still everyone had bear dreams.  I kept waking up thinking that people walking around outside of our tent were bears!

There was a beautiful lake right by our camp sight:

And we spent lots of our time organizing our stuff, cleaning, reading, chatting.  I was surprised by how many cars were close by, how big the trees are, how few bugs are in Northern California, how cold nights can be.  I have a new fandangled sleeping bag but now think that I need a much warmer one.

The highlight of our time was our hike on Saturday.  We went from our camp to Mist Trail, to Vernal Fall, to the top of Nevada Fall, and then back via the John Muir Trail.  It was about 9 miles in total, and "strenuous" according to the Yosemite website.  We did pretty well considering!  Here's us starting out:

And then passing incredibly idyllic mountain streams:

And the slippery steps of Mist Trail, which are way more wet and slippery than it seems in this picture:

Finally we rested and ate lunch (the most amazing jack cheese, salami, and mustard sandwich I have had in my life - funny how camping makes you just love every bit of food you eat ...) at the top of the waterfall you see in the picture above:

And then upwards and onwards to the top of Nevada Fall, which you can see behind Will and I here:

This was a great trip - as I said at camp, I would happily drive for many miles for a few servings of Adelyn's chili alone, and we got s'mores, hiking, and great friends on top of that - but I would have to say that the best part of this was spending time with Will.  We have been running around like crazy trying to work out the wedding and other major life arrangements, so it was wonderful to spend a few days lost in the redwoods, just enjoying how much we love each other, without all of the white noise of the huge amounts of work to do around us.  So here's my favorite part of Yosemite: