Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Very Cool Alinea

Last weekend Hawk came up from San Francisco and the highlight of the trip (although there were many) was a trip to Alinea, possibly the premier gastro-molecular restaurants in Chicago.  Our menu for the evening is above - note that the circles are an infographic:

  • The size of the circle indicates the size of the dish
  • The coloring of the circle indicates the intensity of flavor of the dish (the darker circles are the more intense dishes)
  • The placement of the circles indicate the sweetness of the dish - sweeter dishes towards the right.
AMAZING meal, especially with the wine pairing.  I'm glad we did it once but certainly this is a Special, Special Occasion type of meal - I do want to be able to afford grad school.

We too videos of each of the dishes which are posted below (if you're getting this in email form, you might have to click through to our blog here so you can see the videos).  Thanks again for Hawk for suggesting the restaurant, making reservations months in advance (even before buying the plane tickets), and being the greatest company!