Thursday, March 17, 2011

More 'Ono Food in Hawaii!

Another great day today.  First Morning Brew in Kailua Town, which is my new favorite breakfast spot.  I will include pics tomorrow.

Then a quick lunch to burn off some of the food and Kung Kung and I headed for The New Young Sing (otherwise in reality known as "The Mandalay" but let's be real - it's the New Young Sing, not to be confused with The Old Young Sing, which used to be in the same spot).  We ate with Auntie Elo, one of her friends, and my cousin Janele and her son David - third and fourth cousins I had so much fun spending time with.  Kung Kung had a great time as well - it was a special lunch.

Dinner was Grammy's make-your-own-sushi:

And we have made short work of the pie:

The real treat was that after dinner, Grammy showed us her current project, beautiful wooden animals:

My favorite was this friendly chicken:

I told Gram that she could not sell all of them without saving some for Ash's babies and our babies.  Gram wants to send one to Soren, so she is going to make him a rabbit puzzle finished in canola oil in case he sticks it in his mouth:

Note the little baby bunny inside.

Because Soren is the little easter bunny, of course!