Friday, March 22, 2013

Munich, Day 6

Damon put on his chef's hat and made us his version of the full English breakfast to start the day at a delightfully civilized hour.  After that, we took a one-hour train ride to Prien, a river that flows into the spectacular lake Chiemsee.

We sipped coffee and warmed up with some lentil soup at a lakeside cafe...

...before taking the short ferry to Herrenchiemsee, where King Ludwig II of Bavaria built (30% of) a palace that he intended as a replica of and homage to Versailles.  [The king ran out of money, and his people deposed him before he could finish this and his many other dream castles].  The palace interior was beautiful but incredibly ostentatious.  Exhibit A for what happens when one person gets access to nearly unlimited resources with nothing to check his appetites.  No photos were allowed inside the palace, but here are a few shots from outside.

Dinner back in Munich was at Kaisergarten, a favorite of Damon and Laura's, where we enjoyed traditional Bavarian dish after dish, with some nice gourmet twists.

It was a perfect way to end our evening and our trip.  We reflected in the evening about honored and lucky we were that Damon and Laura were able to take so much time to show us around their adopted hometown.  Thanks again, guys...

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Munich, Day 5

We slept in a bit on this colder, rainier day, then took advantage of the bad weather to head to the Deutsches Museum, a massive museum of science and industry.  We saw exhibits including mining, computer science, planes, ships, submarines, and hydroelectric power.  We spent 3-4 hours there and barely scratched the surface!  Lunch was at the museum cafe on the third floor, by the old Cray supercomputer and the math-visualization exhibit.

We walked through Marienplatz on the way home, stopping at the posh and excellent Maelu Cafe for some fancy tea, espresso, cake, and tarts.

For dinner, we broke in Damon and Laura's new grill to try out their crazy new idea -- carne asada hamburgers(!?).  [Delicious, by the way].  And then the amazing Laura made some black forest cake from her grandmother's recipe. [Also completely delicious, of course].

Then, Halo.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Munich, Day 4

Breakfast was the uber-Bavarian weisswurst, which fortified us well for our excellent Segway tour of Munich.  The tour guide was really knowledgeable and entertaining, and rolling around on a Segway is always ridiculously fun.

We then had lunch at Spatenhaus, which is Damon and Laura's favorite spot downtown for traditional Bavarian food.  We had weissbier, red cabbage, potato dumplings, bread dumplings, etc. etc., all delicious.

We stopped by Dallmayr grocery store, which was very posh and extensive, something like Harrods in England.

Finally, we returned home for Laura's hand-made pasta, Halo, and Dragon Age.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Munich, Day 3

Laura was sadly under the weather today, so we went with Damon and Dublin to wander around their old stomping grounds in Schwabing.  A succession of lovely cafe stops (including our first currywurst), window shopping, and general ground stomping followed.  The one museum we tried to go into was the modern art museum (Pinakothek der Moderne), but it was so modern that we literally could not figure out where the entrance was.  After a few minutes' searching, we decided not to sweat it as it would have meant parting ways with Damon and Dublin, and it was still early in the afternoon.  We instead walked through the English Garden, passing by the Chinese Tower on the way.

Our last stop before returning home was a posh cafe with windows that turned out to overlook an indoor horsebackriding ring.  This ... is probably the most German thing?

We had dinner at a fancy wood-fired pizza place near home that Laura had raved about and Damon had been meaning to try.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Munich, Day 2

We started the day with Laura's famous bacon waffles, before taking a grand tour of downtown Munich with Damon, Laura, and faithful dog Dublin.  We walked by the Justizpalast, the Jagd-und Fischereimuseum, Frauenkirche, Neues Rathaus, Altes Rathaus, Alter Hof (where we stopped by the Google office), Residenz, Nationaltheater, Preysing Palais, Feldhernhalle, and Theatinerkirche.  Whew!

Lunch included various Bavarian street-food favorites.  I had something whose German name I forget.  Damon aptly described it as "hot-dog loaf."

A few photos from around town...

Noodling for catfish outside the Hunting and Fishing Museum




[ob_stevie_wonder]Isn't she loooovely?  Isn't she wooooonderful?[/ob_stevie]

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Munich, Day 1

We arrived in Munich at 10am local time, and our friends +Damon Kohler and +Laura Kohler met us at the airport with their dog Dublin in tow.  We rode the S-Bahn and U-Bahn trains and buses to their lovely new house just out of the city center.

After a brief tour, we walked with Dublin to nearby Schloss Nymphenburg.

At the palace, we found a fantastic cafe serving the most amazing cakes and pies.  My favorite was the plum pie and the meringue off of Damon and Laura's cherry pie.  Will also had some hot spiced red wine.  

Our main activity for the rest of the day was fighting off jetlag as Laura (with incidental help from Damon) cooked a delicious roast for our dinner.