Monday, June 24, 2013

Baby Sprinkle from the Lady JD-MBA's

A week ago, Carrol and the JD-MBA ladies and JV's threw Cathleen and I a lovely baby sprinkle.  I was spoiled rotten -- they brought the party to our apartment!  Here are a few pics from the event.

Flowers and pinwheels:

We all decorated little onesies and bibs for the babies!  Cathleen's baby's gender is going to be a surprise, so we tried to keep colors and patterns gender-neutral; but it's so hard not to just slide into baby girl territory and put little butterflies all over everything.

Finally, thank you to Carrol and the girls for making this such a special day for me.  I truly felt honored and loved!

Conversation with Another Preggo Today

Walking along State Street in the Gold Coast today, on the way to Walgreens, I passed another preggo lady out for a walk with her friend.


Other Preggo:  I'm sorry, I just have to ask -- how many weeks are you?  I'm at 20 weeks.

Me, really happy to be talking with another preggo: Oh, I'm 20 weeks too.

Then me, looking at her belly: Wow, you're really little!

Then me, again, after a half-second beat of thinking:  Oh no.  I'm huge, aren't I.  I'm huge for 20 weeks.    I'm going to have a giant baby.

Other Preggo:  Well, you've certainly got some pop on you!


In fact, I am pretty much the same size as Cathleen, my co-honoree at the Lady JD-MBA's Baby Sprinkle party.  But ... Cathleen is 8 months.  I'm only 5.

I've got some pop!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Baby Stuff for Tall People

It turns out that of course there's a website specifically addressing "baby stuff for tall people," at

The big takeaways for me:

  • Don't buy a tall crib because they're all designed to be a the right height to NOT kill your baby if she manages to get out;
  • If you need to buy one thing for a tall papa, invest in a tall changing table -- that's where the back pain comes from;
  • When you're looking at strollers, look not only for a tall handle, but also for wide distance between the back wheels.  Tall parents tend to have longer strides, and so they tend to kick the wheels.
This was really helpful!  All these things that I've never had to think about ...

Star Wars Baby!

For years, Will has said that we will name our child "Obi-Wan Kenobi Vito Corleone Robinson."  He thinks that will deter any tiny playground bullies from messing with our kid.

BUT!  She's a little girl!  So we're naturally changing her name to Obi-Wanda.

Hurray for little Star Wars girls!  Luckily, there's an artist in Hawaii named Mi Cielo who makes THE BEST Star Wars baby clothes (handmade applique):

This pic was taken in a Kailua store (Under a Hula Moon?  Can't remember).  For those of you not lucky enough to be on Kailua Beach, Mi Cielo also has an Etsy store:

Love, Lauren

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Big (Little) News!

Dear Friends and Family,

Will and I are thrilled to share that the two of us are expecting!  She's going to be a little girl, due mid-November, 2013.

Here she is, nearly 2 (!) months ago.  She's much bigger now!  We don't have a more recent pic, however.

Of course, we are thrilled  :D

Love, W+L