Monday, September 16, 2013

Papa Will Putting a Crib Together ... and My Weird Belly

This weekend, cute Papa Will put together the crib and dresser-changer for Baby Girl.  Here he is getting started:

And again counting out all the hardware and checking the directions:

And again laying out all the various pieces:

How cute is that?!  Baby Girl will know how much her dad loves her.  And she'll sleep (and be changed on) furniture that her dad built just for her.  

... And here's the kind of weird part of the post.  I personally tend to like it when mamas who had their babies before me tell me not only about the sweet/cute parts of pregnancy, but also the -- well -- weird parts as well.  I think it's important to get the whole picture, so that you're not expecting one thing, and getting another.

So along those lines, one of the weirdest / coolest parts has been the baby moving in my belly.  She's getting so big now that I not only feel it, but can sometimes see her moving.  I think that's beyond weird.  Also kind of cool.  But still, weird.  Here's a video where I managed to capture it (sorry for the Google directions in the middle of the video), be prepared for some major similarities to the movie Alien:

Love, Lauren