Sunday, June 7, 2009

Andrea Bocelli Concert!

Will said he had a surprise for me on Saturday, and I was so excited all week!  We ate dinner in Mountain View and then hopped onto the freeway.  I thought we would head up to San Francisco, but to my surprise we headed south towards San Jose and ended up at HP Pavillion.  Will told me to close my eyes when we got there, so the first thing I saw was a big SUV truck.

Getting out of the car, I looked around at the other people going into the venue with us.  They were mostly middle-aged, and dressed well ... and then I saw one with a dog on her sweater and thought, Great!  A dog show -- I'm so excited!

Getting closer to the ticket booth, however, I saw a flashing screen saying, "Andrea Bocelli."  Hurray!  I have loved Andrea Bocelli for such a long time, including listening to his CD of "Time to Say Goodbye" over and over again.  Now I would be seeing him in person.

We entered the venue, picked up some wine, and found our seats.  HP Pavillion is huge, and it was filled to the brim.  The orchestra played an opening piece, and then Andrea Bocelli entered the stage.

Of course there was thunderous applause.  Bocelli sang an aria, and from the moment he began singing it was clear that he is the real deal, completely deserving of all the hype.  His voice filled the entire arena, and he hit the higher notes with ease.  I was impressed by his control over his voice.

Bocelli was accompanied by a soprano who could hit incredible notes.  It made me think about an NPR article I heard once that said that sopranos and tenors were like the sporting events of their day, with face-offs between two sopranos across town from one another, each trying to outdo the other in their arias.  This soprano would have won.  Clearly.

Then a flautist who played the Bumblebee, and a Broadway singer who sang a pop song with Bocelli that turned the Pavillion into a rock concert (this was my favorite part -- the rock really filled and matched the venue).  Bocelli finished the concert on the second or third encore with "Time to Say Goodbye," which made me feel so happy.

It was a wonderful evening.  Thank you, honey.