Sunday, October 11, 2009

Renaissance Fair and Star Wars in Concert

Pretty amazing weekend, all filled with folks in costumes.

Saturday: Renaissance Faire. All the turkey drumsticks, amazing costumes, pewter goblets you could imagine. Also many, many womens' well-endowed chests. It was unlike anything I've seen before. We were thinking it would be interesting to go with Ed Iskandar to check it out -- it's like everyone got together to do a mutual improv, complete with costumes and sets. It was an interesting endeavor at surround theater.

We started with watching the joust and walking around, then picked up some falafel and gyro's (of all things). Here's the tent of "dragons" -- e.g. giant lizards with snakes and turtles -- and a little girl in period dress holding one of the snakes (which neither Will nor I was interested in doing):

Here's Will in front of this fantastic juggler we saw, named BrooN:

He was a great juggler and very funny.  Next year: we dress up.

Today we saw Star Wars in Concert at the San Jose HP Pavillion. It was pretty cool -- a full symphony orchestra and choir, with the guy who played C3PO narrating. Laser lights, balls of fire and smoke, and a huge screen perfectly timed with the orchestra to show scenes from all six of the movies.

Probably the best part of the Star Wars concert was the people and community -- the same could be said of the Ren Faire. Adults and kids dressed up like Storm Troopers or Ewoks. Lots of t-shirts.

There was stuff from the movies out on display. Here's Will in front of the Hans Solo frozen statue thing:

Let's just hope that Harrison Ford is not still in there.  Here's me in front of Chewbaca:

Great fun.  We had a great day.