Monday, August 27, 2012

Ireland/Iceland Trip, day 4: Kilkenny to Cork

In the morning, we woke and had breakfast. I had the most delicious bowls of yogurt, honey, oats, and oranges ever.

We said our goodbyes to Dublin and headed south out of the city to Powerscourt. This home was built during Shakespeare's time, and had the most incredible gardens: fountains, the Japanese garden, the Pepper Pot Tower (an incredible charming structure just built on whim and modeled after the Lords pepper shaker), and the pet cemetery, complete with tombstones to Little Bots and Mrs. Mare with inscriptions. These animals died in the 1912's, which amazing.

Because it was early and raining, Will and I had the whole grounds to ourselves. It felt magical to discover all the hidden gardens of flowers. Lunch at the small cafe was fresh and tasty.

From Powerscourt we headed to the ancient monetary of Glendalough, where St. Kevin and his monks created gorgeous chapels. We waked along the pathways next to the river and looked at the small lake. Waterfalls and babbling brooks lined our path.

Then off to Kilkenny to look at the castle. The town was small and quaint and charming. After a quick dinner at a cafe, we wanted to head towards Cork to make sure Will was not driving in the dark. The country roads here are small and narrow, and driving on the left side of the road, sitting on the right side of the car, creates an adrenaline rush every time an oncoming car passes. 

Leaving Kilkenny was the beginning of a great adventure. Dependent on the GPS, we were sent across country roads for about two hours before meeting up with M8 and shooting towards Cork. However, we survived, and gratefully stumbled into the Hayfield Manor Hotel. After a sampler if Irish whiskeys to commemorate our cross-country trip, we went to bed.