Monday, June 24, 2013

Conversation with Another Preggo Today

Walking along State Street in the Gold Coast today, on the way to Walgreens, I passed another preggo lady out for a walk with her friend.


Other Preggo:  I'm sorry, I just have to ask -- how many weeks are you?  I'm at 20 weeks.

Me, really happy to be talking with another preggo: Oh, I'm 20 weeks too.

Then me, looking at her belly: Wow, you're really little!

Then me, again, after a half-second beat of thinking:  Oh no.  I'm huge, aren't I.  I'm huge for 20 weeks.    I'm going to have a giant baby.

Other Preggo:  Well, you've certainly got some pop on you!


In fact, I am pretty much the same size as Cathleen, my co-honoree at the Lady JD-MBA's Baby Sprinkle party.  But ... Cathleen is 8 months.  I'm only 5.

I've got some pop!