Monday, December 14, 2009

Veils Veils Veils

Hi Grammy!

I found a great website with all these patterns you can order.

I’m sending you all of these patterns in case Ashley wants to ask you to do the same thing in a few years. Here’s a list of the patterns I like, with an explanation about why I like them next to each. I’m also attaching post-it notes to the packages.

· Vogue V8569, D: I like the way it is shaped to drape down flat, come over the shoulders and then ruffle at the bottom.

· McCall 3508, C: Again, I really like the shape – straight down the front and then shaped on the bottom.

· McCall 3508, A: I like this one as well in the picture, but can’t imagine how it will look in real life.

image of M3508

Seeing as you are the fabric / draping / sewing expert, I’d love your input on this. What do you think would look best? I’m happy to go with whatever you would recommend.

Next step: working on researching fabric. I’ll continue to send you things :) Based on the color of the gown I have so far, it’s pretty far off white. I’m going to have to look around online.

Love you,