Saturday, December 27, 2008

Day 4: Golfing!

Following our day of shopping, we decided to have a day of exercise.  Will and I awoke wanting to take a run, so Mom and I plotted a pretty route: start near the soccer field by Times supermarket in Kailua town, where Mom was going to run, go to Lanikai, run around the Lanikai Loop, and then return home.  Here's our route:

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As you can see, the route we planned was not our usual 2 miles, but instead a whopping 4.6 miles.  We got most of the way through it before Mom, concerned by our long absence, got in the car and picked us up.  Thank goodness.

Then home for lunch, and we were off for our first golf lesson at the Olomana Golf Links.

The whole group joined us for a round of 3:00 twilight golfing:

Clearly some people just rode in the golf carts.

Golfing took us late into the evening, and we were all pretty tired and hungry.  We headed home where Ashley and Scott cooked us all up a dinner of delicious whole wheat crusted pizza, which was especially good with a healthy serving of Tabasco sauce.

Then, our bellies full and our bodies thoroughly tired, we went to sleep.