Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Grammy's Quilt for Soren

When Grammy said that she wanted to send something to Soren, I knew it was going to be special. When we opened up the box, Will and Albert and I could hardly believe our eyes. She had made an Activity Quilt, colorful animals to teach Soren motor skills such as doing buttons and tying ribbon and zipping:

Gram had made such a quilt in book form for Ashley and I, but I noticed that some of the pieces were new, especially the bear holding the balloons with Soren's name and birthday:

also the mini-version of my beloved Pop-Pop and Pop-Pop's Babies, shown here with the original Pop-Pop (try not to be too grossed out -- Pop-Pop is older than I am and much loved):

Finally I noticed that Gram had put little messages of her love for the new baby in details such as the tongue of the crocodile, hidden unless you zip open the mouth:

It is such a beautiful, loving, and creative piece. I know Gram did this all by hand and can't get over how wonderful it is.