Thursday, April 8, 2010

Flowers! Centerpieces!

So I'm looking at Asa Flowers, who are the folks that will be doing our wedding (as soon as I get around to contacting them ... also assuming that we have enough in the budget -- they're pretty high-end), and I looked at some of the stuff that they do.

Here's an example of a table with flowers on the napkins and small centerpieces from Asa Flowers' website.  Mom, Dad, Gram, and Auntie Lena are on the Centerpieces Committee, hurray!  I think this is along the lines of what I would like to do.  I like the concept of adding a flower to the napkin, and would have to coordinate with Four Seasons to figure out which (free) napkin setting they are using (because I'll bet we would be charged for napkin rings), and how to add the menu, program, bookmark to the place setting.  I'm guessing most of the paper would be under the napkin.

Here's a closeup of the plate setting.  I also need to check with Four Seasons to make sure I know what our colors are!  I think I chose last time I was there, but can't remember (because it was also the tasting time, and that whole trip is one delicious blur, mostly because they brought out about 4 or 5 tastings of wine ... whew!)

The other alternative that I just thought of, that would be a lot easier, would be to just throw loose orchids on the table.  That's what we'll do - duh.

For the actual centerpieces themselves, I know I want something with a base, and that has flowers coming out the top.  Here's again a design on the Asa Flowers website:

There are even orchids in the second floral vase down.

I really want to stick to the "sand and orchid" theme, so I think the bottom of the vase would be sand, and the top would be orchids.  Here's a website with square vases that we could use.  What I like about the above is that it's simple and possibly easier to transport.  Note that our tables will be round, not long.

Here's a second idea for centerpieces:


What I like about this is the additional light, the single orchid, the ease of putting it together.  This could end up a more economic option.  Those orchids look great!  I like the set of three.  We would use LED lights instead of real candles.

Finally, here's the Asa Flowers decorating for the cocktail tables.  It looks like "fishbowl" vases with a bit of sand on the bottom, and loose orchids on top of the sand, inside the bowl.  I really like this look but worry that it will be too easy to break?

Finally, here's a pic of a grooms-person-button-thing:

So cute.  However, this may be moot as hopefully I can convince Will to wear a maile and pikake lei (the "seaweed thing").