Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lauren's birthday dinner at the Flea St. Cafe

For an early birthday this year, I surprised Lauren with dinner at the Flea St. Cafe in Menlo park.

The first time we went there some years ago, I was mainly drawn by the name.  Something that sounded so similar to Fleet Street had to be good, right?  When we arrived, the simple but classy presentation, the attentive wait staff, and the delicious California/American dishes really blew us away.

Since it's a "special-occasion" sort of spot and not a place we were going back to every weekend, I had sadly almost forgotten about Flea St., but when I started looking around for Lauren's birthday dinner this year, it popped back into my mind.  And I'm glad it did!  We enjoyed some cocktails -- Lauren had something with a lot of sage(?!) that was as tasty as it was unique.  The starters and salads were all very good as well (asparagus+garlic soup, artisan cheeses, beet salad, strawberry salad), and our main courses [pictured above] were wonderful (filet mignon for me, vegetarian tableau for Lauren).  Great service as always; they even brought a little candle out with dessert for Lauren's birthday.