Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Day o' Wedding Tasks, and Ono Hawaiian Foods

Quick blog post today: we spent all day on what Lauren's sister, Ashley, would term "wedding slavery."  Went our separate ways, packed and shipped boxes, got hair styling consultations (this does not involve any actual cutting of hair), etc. etc.

We actually had fun with it, finished ahead of schedule, and had some downtime to nap (Lauren) and catch up on the internets (Will).

Big payoff at the end of the day was dinner with Robin at Ono Hawaiian Foods.  They were out of laulau, but their Kalua Pig and poi was just as good as everyone remembered.  Lauren promised herself going in that she would limit herself to only TWO bowls of poi this time, after The Incident from our last trip...

Great food, great to have some quality time with Robin.