Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fiji Day 3: Namale - Diving and Blow Hole Lunch

After waking pretty early and heading down to breakfast, we looked outside, noted the great sunshine, and walked to the dive shop.  Diving at Namale starts with a bumpy trip to Savu Savu, the biggest town, followed by a smooth boat ride to the diving spot.  Sam, Abi, and Lai’s boat seemed to be made of tin, with spots for something like 16 divers, and two big engines in the back.

This was the best diving we had done, ever.  Waters were shimmering with iridescent fish – electric blue, yellow, parrot fish.  Cleaner shrimp climbed into our guide’s mouth (which we had seen before) and plate-sized coral colonies housed a dozen tiny tropical angel fish (which we had not seen before).  Garden eels were abundant; huge schools of foot-long snapper cruised above us.  A small, 14-inch white ray glided beneath us.  It was fantastic.

Upon returning tired, cold, hungry, but excited, we ate lunch perched on a patio overlooking the blow hole in the coral reef.

We recovered from our dive with a long nap, then took a run up to the waterfalls to wake us up.  Will has been just dying to get into the infinity pool in our Dream House’s front porch, so we turned on the gorgeous blue lights and took a dip.  It was very cold.  We dressed for dinner and enjoyed another night of kava bowl and the band.  Finishing the evening, we made some popcorn and turned on Ratatouille on the big-screen projector that is also in this fantastic house.

More fun tomorrow!