Monday, July 26, 2010

Fiji Day 8: Vatulele - Lunch on our own island, Dinner on the beach

A very lazy day for us. We spent much of the morning and afternoon reading and listening to the surf.

The highlight of the day was lunch.  We had reserved the resort’s private island, 15 minutes away by boat.  They dropped us off with some coolers containing our picnic lunch, and we asked them to return in two hours.

The island was small but very neat.  They’d set up a couple of thatched-roof shelters and a table for lunch.  Most important for Lauren: there were a pair of reclining beach chairs in the shade.  So after eating lunch, exploring the island, and watching the hermit crabs race along, Lauren had a chance to do what came most naturally to her on a deserted island.

You see, when a man or woman climbs a mountain, or reaches the absolute depths of a cave, or lands on the moon, or whatever … there’s a natural impulse to plant a flag there.  For some, this is a literal flag.  For others, it’s more of a symbolic act.

There was no doubt in my mind about what Lauren would do on this island: she napped.  She napped hard.

When Lauren finally woke up and declared her nap “completely satisfactory,” we had 20 minutes left for a bit of snorkeling around the island.  Then the boat showed up and whisked us back home.

The other highlight of the day was dinner.  We had reserved one of the small huts right on the beach for a romantic dinner by the ocean. The food has been consistently fantastic here at Vatulele, and the surf lapping a few feet from our table made it that much better.  We both started with cream of cauliflower and bacon soup, and then I had some very well-prepared lamb.