Sunday, November 2, 2008

Madonna Concert

This weekend Mom and I went to Madonna's "Sticky and Sweet" concert at the Oakland Coliseum:

She was awesome.  Really.  Madonna has been a megastar since before I was born, and yet she danced the entire show -- very athletic -- and was so sexy!  It was inspiring to see a woman who is older and yet so sexy and athletic.  Makes me look forward to being older, about which I am already exited, even more!

I enjoyed the dancing, of course, but my favorite part was the theatricality of the show.  Each song came with a different visual depiction that was unique and meaningful.  For example, during one part of the show Madonna sang a song with the refrain, "She's not me."  Meanwhile behind her flashed iconic images of herself throughout her career -- "Like a Virgin" bride outfit, the eighties power suit, the Vogue fushia dress.  Then her female dancers appeared wearing the same outfits, moving like marionettes, and Madonna kissed each dancer before tearing apart their outfits.  I believe this piece was a metaphor for how people constantly view Madonna through the iconic images of her former reincarnations, but Madonna wants to be seen as herself.

In my favorite piece of the show, two dancers with long dreads, dressed in ceremonial thick embossed silk kimono pieces, popping and locking.  It was awesome to see how well the fabric moved around those dancers.  Then a circular screen with images of water crashing around it lowered from the ceiling, and a piano with Madonna singing on top of it rose from a circular protruding stage.  The lit water images were opaque, but the darker unlit portions were translucent, creating the effect of water crashing around Madonna in the center.  It was a classic piece of theater lighting using screens, projections, opaque front lighting and translucent backlighting -- with a ton of money.  Well done.

The Madonna concert was classic.  She made some pretty bold political statements endorsing same sex marriage (there were a LOT of gay boys at the concert) and Barack Obama, even going so far as to showing his face as the last in a succession of images of famous leaders, such as Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr, and Gandhi.  "Vote Obama 2008" t-shirts were selling right next to Madonna t-shirts, with Obama's face in rainbow colors across the front above the words "Express Yourself."  It's a great time to be alive and involved.

Of course Ma, Gina, and Joyanne were the best part of my evening.