Thursday, January 1, 2009

Day 8: New Year's Eve

Spent the morning and early afternoon at Lauren’s Grammy and Grampa’s place, first rolling sushi and then eating it!  We also had some tasty new-years soup.

We then drove into Honolulu for quality time and an early dinner with Kung Kung and Shirley.   Dinner was at the Little Village restaurant in Chinatown.  Really simple, hearty Chinese food, and a great value for the money.

After saying goodbye to Kung Kung and Shirley, it was time to go to Donna’s former law partner’s house for his yearly New Year’s Eve party.  Lots of polite mingling, followed by some sticky fun with silly string and whippersnappers, with a really wacky party game thrown into the middle.  At Donna’s request, all pictures from the evening have been DESTROYED.

After the party, and just before midnight, we returned to Donna and Robin’s home.  We lit firecrackers at the door to bless the house for the new year.  Then it was time for a small glass of champagne and a welcome bed.