Friday, January 9, 2009

Maui Trip Day 4: More Lahaina and Warren and Annabelle's

After a quick breakfast at Lahaina Cooler's, we were off, Will looking especially handsome in the morning sun:

We had heard that mornings were the best time for whale watching, so we headed down to a scenic lookout along the southern coast:

On this lookout, volunteers would set up umbrellas and tables full of whale models and literature, and binoculars that tourists like us could use.  One volunteer, Tom, described how he would hold up a whale model behind people's heads when they were taking pictures, so it looked like a whale was jumping out of the water right behind him.  Through the binoculars, we could see the edge of Maui, Molokini, and Lanai, and the spouts of whales far into the distance.  This picture has a tiny spout in the middle if you make it big and look very closely:

We spent a long time with the whales and Tom, the kind and knowledgeable whale volunteer; we saw many spouts, a couple tails, and learned how to spot the shining black back of the whales that would just emerge above the waves.

On the way back from the whale watching scenic spot, we stopped by at the "town" of Olowalu.  I put "town" in quotation marks because Olowalu was mainly comprised of a huge water storage tank, a general store, and a randomly world-class French restaurant.

However, behind Olowalu is a dirt road, where we parked the car with some nervousness about thieves (we took all our belongings with us), and set off in search of the petroglyph's that Maui Revealed promised were down the path:

Again, just as Maui Revealed said it would, the sign next to Will claimed that the walk would be a quarter mile, when in fact it was a good three-quarter miles.  However, at the end of the walk were some amazing petroglyphs:

Even though I felt we had to go through hell and high water to see them.

Exhausted and hot, we made our way back to the hotel, and found the beautiful pool that makes Aina Nalu famous.  It is not chlorinated, but instead a "saline" pool, which means a light salting -- not nearly as heavy as ocean water, and much nicer smelling than the usual chlorine pool.  The pool waters came right up to the grass, so when in the water it seemed as if the pool and the grass flowed one into the other.  We spent some time in the cabana relaxing:

Then back to Kimo's for lunch.  The menu the previous night had promised me an artichoke and I had my heart set on it!  So there we were, about 12 hours later, back on the water at Kimo's.  I had my artichoke and was so happy:

For dessert, we used one of Barrett's coupons and got a FREE! Kimo's Hula Pie:

An oreo cookie crust, whipped cream, hot fudge, and mounds and mounds of macadamia nut ice cream.  Will's face just about says it all.

After another of my epic naps, we woke just in time to squeeze in a quick run (again in Ka'anapali, the resort area, passing by a beautiful infinity pool that made me think of Ellen, and the Mercedes Benz's golf tournament gala setup), and then we were off to dinner.  The Lahaina Grill had an elegant menu of French dishes:

And then the highlight of our trip, Warren and Annabelle's.  Warren and Annabelle's is a theme evening and magic show with a wonderfully witty slight-of-hand magician named Warren, and the ghost that plays music in his parlor named Annabelle.  Here's a clip of Will assisting Warren in one of his magic tricks (apologies for the sideways shots ... I didn't figure out how to use the video camera until too late):

As you can see from the clip, Will and I were chosen as part of the four couples who sat in the very front and assisted Warren with his tricks.  It was pretty cool all around.