Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Maui Day 1

Woke on the early side to have a small breakfast and then catch the 40-minute flight to Maui. I didn’t bother asking for exit-row seats on such a short flight, but soon discovered that seats were even smaller than usual, and so I physically couldn’t sit down. Luckily an exit row was still open. So we made it to Maui without taking a hacksaw to my legs.

Plane touched down at 11. Baggage claim. Car rental. (“no, thanks” on the umpteen upsell attempts). Hotel checkin. (don’t care if our room won’t be ready ‘til 3). Snarfed local lunch at “Da Kitchen.”

….and, finally! There we were on a perfect beach, no sound but the surf in front of us, at just about 2pm. We spent some time in the waves, then wandered up and down the 1-mile footpath along part of Wailea beach. Perfect vista after perfect vista. I never get tired of telling people that all of Hawaii looks exactly like you dream Hawaii will look. It’s like every time you open your eyes you’re framing a shot for a movie or an episode of LOST. Just incredible.
Ran some last-minute errands between beach and dinner. Water-proof fanny pack is essential if you don’t want to worry about theft on remote beaches. Also, incredibly stylish. SO stylish in fact that I’m going to let Lauren do all the fanny-pack wearing.

Dinner was at local spot: “Vietnamese Cuisine.” Tasty, friendly, and kind of unique in our experience. Especially liked the make-your-own Vietnamese “burritos.” (Really steamed summer rolls).

As an aside: before the trip, we’d both read through the excellent guidebook, Maui Revealed. It’s steered us toward most of our stops on Maui so far, and we’ve been very pleased.