Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Invitations - Hurray for Letterpress!

Yesterday before the Michael Chabon event I stopped by at Hello!Lucky which is luckily (ha!) located in San Francisco.  The offices looked just like the website with vintage cloth, lots of wood furniture, and beautiful colorful letterpress all over the place.

My favorite letterpress design was an orchid print in purple and grey.  The invitations will look like this:

Lots of texture in the paper because of the letterpress technique.  I took home lots of samples, both letterpress and digital, and showed Will the difference.

To save money and stay in budget, I think we're going to do letterpress invitations, digital response cards, and everything else I will design myself based on the orchid and montsuki theme developed for the Save the Dates.  The only problem is that I only have a 30-day trial subscription to Adobe Illustrator, which I am using to design the collateral, so I need to design everything fast!