Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Will's 29th Birthday, Oahu, Hawaii

Lauren treated me to a fantastic birthday yesterday.  Spent the morning with a book, spent the afternoon diving, spent the evening eating amazing food.  Birthdays don't get much better than this!

The dives were the best Oahu dives we've done.  Started at Koko Crater, which we had dived before.  Mostly notable for lots of sea turtles.  Quite a few colorful fish as well.  The second dive was along the dramatic Portlock cliffs.  Great underwater rock formations the made it feel as if you were flying through canyons.  Saw a white-tipped reef shark, two eels, an octopus, lots of fish, and many more turtles.

Dinner was at Alan Wong's, which was a new place for both me and Lauren.  The Internet in its vast wisdom has decided that this is a great place to eat, and the Internet is never wrong.  Possibly the best lamb I've ever had, sitting in a raspberry reduction:

Also had a wine flight, well-paired with the lamb.  Menu was inscribed with a birthday message and signed by all the staff.  Dessert was a nice touch too:

Just a wonderful birthday all around.  Thanks to everyone who called, emailed, wall-scribbled, tweeted, and otherwise wished me well.  I'm happy to have been born!