Monday, March 29, 2010


Of course the one piece missing from the puzzle is bouquets.  I've been looking at pictures, and although I initially thought that I would be most interested in something very unstructured, free-form (think: JCrew wedding promo pics), now I'm leaning more towards something simple and structured.  I initially wanted at least some kind of dangling pieces to blow in the wind, but the more I look at pictures, the less concerned I am about that piece.  I think that the orchids are so beautiful, and the big ones that I like are so structured and clean-lined, that a simple, small, structured bouquet would be best.

For overall concept, I want bright, popping colors; round shapes; very similar bridal and bridesperson bouquets, something along the lines of this:

I think that for my bouquet, I'm actually leaning towards the green-colored bouquets:

I actually like this one a lot because of the bright colors, the green with the purple centers, the round shape an carefully composition that suit the clean lines of the orchids.  I think as a larger bouquet (maybe 10-12" in diameter?) it will be magnificent.

I think the bright green color is going to be very pretty against the white of the dress, and may be the only green that shows up in the wedding pics.  Which is fine  :)

For the bridesmaids, this is a little harder because purple orchids tend to be less large and magnificent.  Perhaps therefore smaller round bouquets (6-8" diameter) of white orchids would work, especially if matched with some kind of bright greenery to tie in with mine:

Or even have just the white orchids, but get the ones with purple in the center, minus the leaves sticking out in this one (I think this is my fave choice):

I think the white flowers against the purple dresses we picked will be beautiful.

The groomspeople and groom will be wearing maile, which is great, so they may not need any boutonniere.  However, if they did, here's a cute simple one:

Mom, can you print this so Gram can see it?

Love, Lauren