Monday, March 1, 2010

Sam's Hurling Match

This weekend we went all the way up to San Francisco for a wonderful day, featuring breakfast with Gina and Vishal, followed by Sam's hurling match, followed by our favorite veggie sushi at Cha-Ya, and finished with a Magnetic Fields concert in Oakland. Whew! Can't ask for much more.

At Sam's hurling match, we met a nice woman named Liz who works as an English teacher in a Menlo Park middle school. She was from Ireland and we talked about all sorts of things -- especially hurling. Liz said that hurling is a very Irish sport, so old that it is mentioned in the legends of CĂșchulainn, perhaps the greatest Irish hero. Gina and Vishal were so piqued by Will's description of hurling that they came with us to the match, and even convinced two of their other friends to come. So Sam had a sizable cheering section.

Even though the Cal Bears were a larger team than Stanford, Stanford still prevailed and brought home the victory. Hooray!