Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Wedding and Bridesperson Dress Shopping in Los Angeles!

A great weekend in Los Angeles! Gina and I woke up early and headed to SFO. I of course arrived a little bit late after a slight misunderstanding and language barrier with the otherwise very nice driver of the parking garage van. We boarded the plane and got to LA.

Mom, Gram, and Ash picked us up in LA. We headed over towards Jenny Yoo and stopped for breakfast. I gave everyone the beautiful linens and handpainted Vienna eggs for Christmas that Ellen and I had picked up in a lovely fine linen store in Tampa. Mom also opened the pirate pin from Ellen:

Then off to Jenny Yoo. We tried on several dresses and Ashley and Gina found two that they liked. Ashley liked the Reese:

and Gina liked the Lyla:

This is great because there is one more "sister dress" in this collection that has the matching waistband and triple hem, called the Adelle:

and Anna will be able to choose whichever she likes best. The purple color featured in the Reese dress is probably the color for all three of the dresses.  Here's a video of us trying on the dresses:

I also tried on a few more wedding dresses, and found one that I liked a lot from Jenny Yoo. It will look beautiful blowing on the beach! I also tried on more dresses from JCrew, but did not like any of them as much as my current dress. Here's a video of the wedding dresses:

Following the very nice visit to Jenny Yoo, we went to lunch at House Cafe nearby (excellent -- I had a great artichoke, characteristically) and then headed over to JCrew.

Here's a video of Ashley and Gina trying on the dresses:

We found two dresses that both Ashley and Gina liked, the Juliet:

... which is even in the right color, and the Serena:

... although both Ashley and Gina agreed that they liked the Jenny Yoo dresses better. The woman at JCrew, Asheley, was very helpful, knowledgeable, and professional. We did not have an appointment but they squeezed us in anyways. Amazing!

Tired and hungry, we nevertheless soldiered our way into Nordstrom's "just to check," and then came back to the beautiful hotel. Mom had booked beautiful rooms at Hotel Amarano, which is somehow linked with Outrigger, so we got these fantastic rooms for free! Yay!

Mom and Gram headed out for dinner with Scottie's mom, and Gina and I spent some time sitting in a cafe, reading and writing our blogs, and having tea with honey and lemon. Then Ash picked us up and the three of us headed out for dinner. We went to the Eclectic Cafe, an artsy, adorable restaurant nearby Ash's apartment. We had chocolate fondue for dessert -- delicious. Then we picked up some champagne, which Vishal had thoughtfully sponsored for this occasion. We headed back to Ashley's house, where Ash mixed elderflower liquor and passionfruit vodka with the champagne, and Gina read Vishal's toast. It was nearly a perfect evening -- we only wish Anna were there!

The next morning, we got up (some of us -- e.g., me -- more groggily than others) and headed back to Ash's apartment to eat at Aroma Cafe nearby her house. Again, another artsy eating institution with an interior filled with books and whimsical decorations. Even a bookstore right in the middle! It was wonderful, also the food:

We discussed wedding plans, trip plans, flowers. Then we headed for Ashley's house where we practiced the hula dance. Wonderful! It was an amazing weekend, and we got a TON done. What a fun time.

Love, Lauren