Monday, March 18, 2013

Munich, Day 2

We started the day with Laura's famous bacon waffles, before taking a grand tour of downtown Munich with Damon, Laura, and faithful dog Dublin.  We walked by the Justizpalast, the Jagd-und Fischereimuseum, Frauenkirche, Neues Rathaus, Altes Rathaus, Alter Hof (where we stopped by the Google office), Residenz, Nationaltheater, Preysing Palais, Feldhernhalle, and Theatinerkirche.  Whew!

Lunch included various Bavarian street-food favorites.  I had something whose German name I forget.  Damon aptly described it as "hot-dog loaf."

A few photos from around town...

Noodling for catfish outside the Hunting and Fishing Museum




[ob_stevie_wonder]Isn't she loooovely?  Isn't she wooooonderful?[/ob_stevie]