Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Munich, Day 3

Laura was sadly under the weather today, so we went with Damon and Dublin to wander around their old stomping grounds in Schwabing.  A succession of lovely cafe stops (including our first currywurst), window shopping, and general ground stomping followed.  The one museum we tried to go into was the modern art museum (Pinakothek der Moderne), but it was so modern that we literally could not figure out where the entrance was.  After a few minutes' searching, we decided not to sweat it as it would have meant parting ways with Damon and Dublin, and it was still early in the afternoon.  We instead walked through the English Garden, passing by the Chinese Tower on the way.

Our last stop before returning home was a posh cafe with windows that turned out to overlook an indoor horsebackriding ring.  This ... is probably the most German thing?

We had dinner at a fancy wood-fired pizza place near home that Laura had raved about and Damon had been meaning to try.