Thursday, March 21, 2013

Munich, Day 5

We slept in a bit on this colder, rainier day, then took advantage of the bad weather to head to the Deutsches Museum, a massive museum of science and industry.  We saw exhibits including mining, computer science, planes, ships, submarines, and hydroelectric power.  We spent 3-4 hours there and barely scratched the surface!  Lunch was at the museum cafe on the third floor, by the old Cray supercomputer and the math-visualization exhibit.

We walked through Marienplatz on the way home, stopping at the posh and excellent Maelu Cafe for some fancy tea, espresso, cake, and tarts.

For dinner, we broke in Damon and Laura's new grill to try out their crazy new idea -- carne asada hamburgers(!?).  [Delicious, by the way].  And then the amazing Laura made some black forest cake from her grandmother's recipe. [Also completely delicious, of course].

Then, Halo.