Friday, March 22, 2013

Munich, Day 6

Damon put on his chef's hat and made us his version of the full English breakfast to start the day at a delightfully civilized hour.  After that, we took a one-hour train ride to Prien, a river that flows into the spectacular lake Chiemsee.

We sipped coffee and warmed up with some lentil soup at a lakeside cafe...

...before taking the short ferry to Herrenchiemsee, where King Ludwig II of Bavaria built (30% of) a palace that he intended as a replica of and homage to Versailles.  [The king ran out of money, and his people deposed him before he could finish this and his many other dream castles].  The palace interior was beautiful but incredibly ostentatious.  Exhibit A for what happens when one person gets access to nearly unlimited resources with nothing to check his appetites.  No photos were allowed inside the palace, but here are a few shots from outside.

Dinner back in Munich was at Kaisergarten, a favorite of Damon and Laura's, where we enjoyed traditional Bavarian dish after dish, with some nice gourmet twists.

It was a perfect way to end our evening and our trip.  We reflected in the evening about honored and lucky we were that Damon and Laura were able to take so much time to show us around their adopted hometown.  Thanks again, guys...